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Origami Day Corporate Training

Work life balance starts with work. Origami Day helps teams accomplish more with less, through training focused on increasing productivity, peak-time performance, and communicating expectations. Whether the need is increasing performance, decreasing office stress, or retaining top talent, time management training plays a critical role.

Organizations can select one of our signature corporate offerings or customize to meet specific goals, team dynamics, and budgets. No team is too big or too small. All services have the option to add Origami Day proven products.

Individual Consulting Session 

  • Goal Setting with Metrics
  • Weekly Template Tutorial
  • Action Plan for Habits, Work Flows, & Processes
  • Participants of individual consulting increase work-life balance and productivity ratings within 4 weeks. They walk away from each session knowing they are shaping their time for peace and productivity.

Team Training 

  • Interactive Group Session
  • Select any of our Timely Topics or inquire about custom training options.

Leadership Package 

  • Team Training
  • Three 1-hour Individual Consulting Sessions
  • Inspire your entire team and provide extra support to key leadership with this hybrid offering.

Retention Package

  • Team Training
  • 5-hours of on-site Support Hours 
  • This is the ideal intersection of Organization Development and Workplace Wellness as employees are both motivated and educated. In addition to team training, Support Hours provide an open door for employees to access individual consulting in small blocks to troubleshoot pain-points to increase efficiency. Employees thrive with this option as they enhance their skills while feeling valued by their organization.

Contact us to inquire about pricing, custom offerings, and availability.

"Origami Day reminded us to think about what is urgent and important and to use that filter when we are deciding what needs to get done on any given day."
- Shannon Beasley, lululemon athletica, Assistant Manager

"Sam's Origami Day workshop was excellent for my sales team. Everyone was engaged in the content and excited about the opportunity to implement her tools.
Her workshop will benefit people both professionally and personally."
- Kenny Reed, MasterBrand Cabinets, Regional Manager

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