Our lives are inundated with things we need to do. Attempting to keep pace with the many demands on our time can feel overwhelming and lead to burnout. Thankfully, it is possible to be present in life while being even more productive in our days. 

Personal Time Management Coaching can shift our lives from overwhelmed to organized. 

Samantha Lane making notes for clients about time management and work-life balance

Personal Time Management Coaching is for you if: 

- You are regularly overwhelmed with life

- Your calendar is always too full

- You are often running late

- You don’t feel like you are spending your time where you want to

- You aren’t reaching your goals

Every new coaching customer is invited to experience our proven First Fold Coaching Program. In this program, we evaluate your current time management struggles and establish a plan to address each need. 

Male Origami Day client smiling and holding his Time Management Planner

First Fold Coaching includes: 

- Goal setting with metrics

- Weekly/monthly template creation

- Action plan for habits, work flows, & processes

- Accountability support

- Measurable increase in work-life balance within 4 weeks 

Female Origami Day Client holding Origami day Time Management Planner and Tools

During your sessions, we create specific solutions for your specific problems and put plans in place for you to live a life of balance. Within your personal coaching sessions, you may experience:   

- Three (3) 45-minute virtual coaching sessions 

- Follow up notes from each session with resources and action items

- Email support throughout the program

All graduates of the First Fold Coaching Program are eligible for ongoing or as needed coaching support.

Reach out to our team with any questions or to schedule Personal Time Management Coaching sessions.

  • Working with Origami Day for six months, I was able to lower my average work week to a focused 50 hours and take back control of my time. These changes have increased my effectiveness at work and given me much needed time away in my personal life as well.

    - Brad Miller, CodeTank Labs | InfoTank | CodeStock, Owner/Developer

  • As a guy who's studied a lot about productivity, time management, and mastering your day to get more done - I learned more actionable advice in this one hour session than I have over years of reading self-help books and listening to productivity podcasts.

    -Alex, Lunchpool, CEO & Lunch Break Enforcer

  • I had no idea how to create a consistent and realistic daily and weekly schedule for myself. I was using several different tools and was having a hard time prioritizing and managing tasks. Samantha helped me create a repeatable weekly template for defining and managing my priority work.

    -Lynsay Russell, Career Coach