All presentations from Samantha promise to be informative, interactive, and inspiring. Participants will always glean perspective to help them make the most of each day in both their careers and lives. Any of the following topics are available for keynote  or workshop style presentations.


The Three Most Important Tips - Time Management Foundations

The most requested presentation to date, this session promises participants  gain confidence in planning, and encouragement to implement actionable steps immediately.

Reach Goals Through Strategic Planning

This session teaches participants about the most effective steps to turn a vision into a reality. Participants leave with a clear understanding of SMART goals and a road map for reaching them.

Make the Most of Your Time with Habit Stacking

Participants of this session will experience a deep dive into one of the best time management tips for quick results.

Digital + Analog  = Modern Time Management

With continuous changes in technology, there is always a new gadget or app promising to solve our problems. Yet, the science behind pen and paper prevails. This session shares how to merge the two to increase efficiency.

Train & Retain:  Increase Productivity & Retention

Work-life balance through better time management is the perfect intersection of Organizational Development and Workplace Wellness. This session teaches managers how to  bring out the best in their team by helping them make the most of their days.

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 Samantha Lane Keynote Speaker

"Samantha’s time management presentation provided valuable insight on how we as individuals can organize our day to become our most productive selves. This presentation was just a taste of the endless possibilities she can help facilitate."
- Alex Kleto, Knoxville Chamber, Existing Industries Manager

"I often felt conflicted between how I can balance my life. Your story helped me see that by making a few organizational changes, I didn’t have to pick one or the other (family or top performance)."
- Valarie Best, Travelers, Sr. Director Service Operations

"You should definitely consider her services because she is a highly intelligent and gifted speaker whose work has already transformed my life."
- Jenna Anderson, Funyl, Digital Marketing Specialist