The Space Between Learning and Doing

In the weeks following my surgery, my focus shifted. I was no longer worried about the commute and emails. All the little things that used to add up to a stressful day for me were instantly made small. There was an immediate re-shuffling of priorities. Perhaps you can relate as many of us experienced a version of this with the Covid-19.

Before we could even understand what it was, Covid-19 came into our lives and changed all our routines. Some of us were okay with that, some of us were very not okay with that, and some of us were not sure how we felt. The uncertainty was understandable because for many of us, this was our first pandemic.

However, I doubt this is the first time you have had the rug pulled out from beneath you. Ask any person you know, and they will likely have a story of when and how they learned the true magnitude of life. Then ask them what they did with that knowledge.

You see, that is where all the potential and opportunity live, and often die; in the space between what we learn and what we do with that knowledge.

We are in that space right now.

What have you learned during this pandemic? What will you do with that knowledge?

Although they are very different, the surgery and virus both have the same power to pull back the curtain. In the hardest moments of my recovery, I had the most clarity. Without having explicit answers to questions, I had more understanding than ever before. It was the eye-opening epiphany I never asked for, but desperately needed.

Can you relate? Have parts of the pandemic felt like this for you?

If you have had moments of significance, do not lose them. They were not a coincidence. They were the requisite moments gifted to you to provide the necessary clarity for change, and you are allowed to change.

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