Steps for Weekly Planning

Not sure if you have heard, but Friday Planning is life-changing! Before my surgery, I had terrible bouts of the Sunday Scaries. Instead of enjoying the remnants of my weekend, I would experience crushing anxiety. Perhaps you can relate. Now, I take time every Friday to plan for the week ahead and no longer stress on Sundays.

Friday planning is the best way to wrap up the week you are in and prepare for the next. It really is as easy as 1-2-3. So check out the steps below, grab your folding weekly planning sheet, and give it a try!

Steps for Weekly Planning:

  1. Start with what you know will happen. This would be all set appointments, meetings, calls, commitments, etc. that are set to occur at a specific time. Plot those first. Some examples might be: conference call, doctor appointment, presentation, pick up child from school, catch a flight, workout class, etc.
  2. Then add what you hope will happen. This tends to be tasks or to-do list items that don’t necessarily have a firm time. Find the space between your set commitments and plot these items there, as this is likely when they will happen. Some examples might be: swing by the bank, review presentation, go to grocery store, send follow up email, schedule doctor appointment, make traction on work project, call grandma, etc.
  3. Finally, use digital reinforcement. Digital reinforcement is applying digital tools to support planning practices. Once your plan is in place, digital reinforcement might be sending an email or a digital calendar invite to share details with another person or to have access to additional information quickly for your own use.

The steps above are a great starting point for creating days of peace and productivity.  Happy Planning!

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