Shape Your Time Masterclass

“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.” - J. Loren Norris

Often we pursue self-employment or side hustles to be our own boss, create more time at home, or experience meaningful work. However self-employment can take a toll on our well-being. Independence can quickly become mounting debts, thousands of unread emails, and never ending to-do lists.

There is a better way. Self-employment can actually be one of the best tools for a balanced life. 

After years of requests, Origami Day is now offering a Masterclass designed for aspiring or established business owners, overwhelmed side hustlers, and anyone who feels there is not enough time in the day. Over ten weeks, participants in the masterclass will learn a myriad of planning tips, attend group sessions, receive one-on-one coaching support, and network with other business owners. The program will be facilitated by Samantha Lane, who has grown a business without debt, investment dollars, or regrets. During her journey, Samantha was given several opportunities that turned out to be pivotal to her growth. This program is intended to offer the same opportunities to early stage business owners or those going through a tougher season. 

“Realizing I had a passion for time management was natural, but turning it into a successful business was an entirely different undertaking. I was so lucky to meet people along the way who gave me chances, taught me valuable lessons, and opened doors for me. That is what I want this Masterclass to be for someone. This will be the most valuable service from Origami Day, because it will create opportunities for business owners to grow their business in a balanced way.” - Samantha Lane, Creator of Origami Day

The lessons in this masterclass are intended to restore balance to work and life, while ensuring personal and professional growth. With less than ten participants per cohort, participants receive training tailored to the group’s specific needs. To embrace efficiency and include far-flung business owners, the program is 100% online. 

The best part is the affordability and high value of the program, in addition to scholarship options available to participants.

Masterclass cohorts run throughout the year. Learn more, apply, or request a discovery call here:

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