Everything Is Going To Be Alright

I understand how you feel. Why should you make a plan, when plans just keep changing? I asked myself this same question as I firmed up my business plans for the year. Here I was planning, organizing, and worrying (just a little) about what was to come. I was listening to Alicia Keys and as she sang the line, “everything’s gonna be alright” I understood why we should keep planning.

As humans, we tend to focus on what we cannot control. So much so, that we often let the circumstances in which we have no power take power over us. We tell ourselves that we can’t live a better life for reasons “beyond our control” that are really just excuses.

Sure, we cannot control the state of this pandemic. We cannot predict what problems tomorrow may bring or what solutions we may find. Yet we have control over one very important factor that is consistently tied to success. We have control over our mindset.

There have been countless studies, books, and TED talks questioning and proving the power of mindset. What we believe and manifest is seen in the outcomes of our life. Mindset matters. In our increasingly anxious and overstimulated world, what we choose to believe sets the tone for our success. Having hope is productive.

One of the most applicable quotes to our current state is from Tony Robbins who said, “Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”

You can decide to have a good year and reach important goals. Planning each week is a declaration of that decision and evidence that you believe it can happen. As we learned in 2020, plans are not a promise of what will happen, but they still provide direction to our destination. Imagine yourself walking through the woods. You can choose to walk along a defined path that may have turns and logs to hurdle along the way. Or you can choose to wander.

Decide to reach the other side of the forest this year. Plan the path you will take to get there. Embrace a turn or roadblock along the way. Wrap your mind around the fact that you can get there even though you will have obstacles. Commit to controlling your mindset. Find peace in the power of planning. Everything is gonna be alright.
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