Enhancing Productivity in Your Workspace

Do you have a favorite place to work? Why do you love it? How does it foster peaceful productivity? There are countless ways to cultivate productivity in a workspace based on your specific needs, space, and personality, so we have included some of our favorite items for quick results. 

Light: Since many people work during the daylight hours, it makes sense to utilize natural light in areas where we can reap the benefits:

  • Employees working around a multitude of windows report less stress and improved sleep.
  • Natural light increases productivity.
  • Sitting near that window even decreases illness, leading to less productive time loss.

Color: Color affects the mind and body. Implementing certain colors can boost productivity skills: 

  • Blue is proven to be the best color for deep mental work. Promoting tranquility and focus, shades of blue enhance productivity in anyone needing a dedicated work session.
  • If you are doing more physical work and need a boost of energy, red is the color for you. Red triggers a sense of urgency, leading to an increased physical response. 
  • The color yellow promotes creativity and confidence. A yellow wall, room or artwork could give you a confidence boost and inspire that next project.

Plants: Incorporating plants in your workspace has many benefits including:

  • Indeed.com suggests having plants in an office makes employees and potential clients feel comfortable and welcomed to the space.
  • Plants remind people of the outdoors, eliciting feelings of tranquility and contentment.

With these ideas in mind, our team shared their favorite work spaces:

Samantha - My all-time favorite workspace is my screened-in porch. I can enjoy natural light, greenery all around me, and the sounds of nature while nestled into my own perch of peaceful productivity. The only tech in this space is what I bring with me, so it’s great for deep work and creative thinking.

Amelia - I love to work on a table in front of my couch. It sits right by a window so I get lots of light, and my dog can sit right by me while I work. To me, it’s the perfect combination of comfort and productivity.

Tracy - During the pandemic, I took my art studio that is exploding with colors, art supplies, and ideas and turned it into an office. I love coming into this space, and my dogs join me for the workday. I sit facing a window where currently, cardinals have built a nest and their work gives me great joy. This joy inspires the work that I do. 

We are in the business of maximizing your time, so you can spend it well. Looking for more ideas and ways to shape your time? Send us an email today and someone from our team will be in touch.
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