Don't Give Up on Your Goals

According to U.S. News & World Report, about 80% of people don’t reach their New Year’s resolutions and most have fallen off the wagon by mid-February. Ouch. Not the most encouraging statistics, but let’s not dwell on the negative. Instead, let’s talk about how you can shake that off (insert dance break for those who need it) and get back on track!

As usual there is SO MUCH I could tell you but I’ll focus on my favorite tips for turning your hopes into plans, because we still have about 82% of the year left for you to reach your resolutions.

  •       Decide what still matters. By this point some dreams have fallen by the wayside and that is actually a great thing. Now, within seconds you can probably think of those things that still matter. Let’s focus on just those really important items for the next few steps.
  •       Make that a SMART goal. Meaning... Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, Time bound. The ability to reach a resolution begins when establishing it. Take a moment to convert each conceptual hope into something that you can actually track your success in, and give it a deadline. If you have no clue how to do this, ask me. 
  •       Write it down. We are 42% more likely to reach a goal when it is written down. This helps us remember it, respect it, and see it often. I recommend using the front page of your Planner Book for this or even sticking a post-it on your computer monitor or bathroom mirror so you see it regularly.
  •       Plan on paper. Outside of using paper to keep your goals in sight, planning on paper has goal-crushing benefits that digital resources don’t. Most importantly, paper is more aligned with the reality of time and offers an exceptional visual aid when deciding when and how you will reach your SMART goals. Paper creates great physical barriers, so we can only fit so much on a piece of paper or in the small box of a paper calendar. This is contrary to the endless space offered by digital calendars and apps. Digital planning creates a perception of infinite time which hinders us in reaching our goals because our time is actually finite. 

So, if you are crushing your New Year’s resolutions, great job! If you are part of the 80% who has already fizzled out, consider the steps above to reset and reach your resolutions. As always, I want you to succeed and I’m always here to help you do exactly that!

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