ALL About Your Origami Day Planner

So, you’ve purchased your new Origami Day planner and you are so excited to get started. SO ARE WE! Setting up and using your Origami Day Planner is both simple and enjoyable. Each section of this planner + notebook in one is intentionally designed to help you maximize your time while keeping you organized. So let’s talk about what makes this intentionally different planner the best book out there! Let’s start at the beginning…

The first thing you see when you open this book is a little message about Origami Day and a space for your contact information. It may seem silly to write your email or phone number in your planner, but it won’t seem silly when you suddenly realize you left your planner on the bus. We thought of that, so be sure you use that first page! 

From there you experience the first of many blank pages. Why start with a blank page? Many of us think about at our calendar more than we look at our goals, hopes, and dreams. To help you keep life at the front of your mind, we made a space for it at the front of your planner! This first spread is designed as a place for you to set an intention for the year, note a word of the year, log quotes that inspire you, or jot down goals for the year. The hope is you will see your WHY each time to open your planner to schedule something. 

The next section in the planner is a 14-month undated calendar. The calendar is undated so you can begin using the planner any time of the year, and setting up your calendar is a surprisingly enjoyable experience. We recommend consulting our product tutorials for tips there. You will quickly note the calendar portion has small sized boxes for each day, which forces a limit on the amount of daily activities. Reflecting life, the space is limited, just like our time. In filling out the calendar, you will be forced to embrace ‘buffer’ time in each day. You can use your Weekly Planning Sheets to go in greater depth on that day.

Beyond that, you have a year-at-a-glance section, which is the perfect space for even longer term planning. Global pandemics aside, sometimes we know when a wedding, graduation, or vacation is more than 12 months away so it’s nice to jot it down. This section also makes setting up your next calendar a breeze! 

To finish, the planner provides 88 blank pages to further shape your time. These pages are designed for you to use however you want. We encourage you to keep important items here that you plan to reference again. Some of our favorite uses for the pages are: mileage trackers, book/podcast suggestions, habit tracking, favorite exercise routines or PRs, gift ideas, or journal entries. There are no rules here, the space is for you to use as you see fit. The goal is to keep you from having to carry another notebook and keep all your important items in one spot. We also love using the first two blank pages for a table of contents. 

As you can see the possibilities are endless with the planner book and the design is intentionally different with a focus on function. It’s part planner, part notebook, 100% life-changing! There is a reason, it's THE best planner out there for work-life balance.

Need to buy a new planner? You can find our planner, weekly planning sheets, and more in the online shop. Happy planning!
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