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To the Graduating Class of 2021

As many young people graduate this month and begin new chapters, I encourage us to consider what we are teaching them. As you pen a card or offer a word of advice to the recent graduates in your life, I encourage you to impart on them some of the following themes:

Time Management Tip: 3 Technology Tips

With all the downfalls of technology, there are ways to use it to our advantage. The positive intentions of our devices can be realized if we are willing to take control over our tools versus letting them control us. Consider the following three tips to help you utilize your tech for a life of better balance.

Quadrant 1: Chance or Choice

Think about the last time you found yourself in quadrant 1 (Q1) of the Eisenhower Urgency Matrix. As a reminder, this is something that is both urgent and important. Once you have it in mind, trace back the path that brought you there.  What caused you to be in Q1? In truth, there are two ways to end up in Q1: by chance or by choice.

Time Management Tip: Meeting Best Practices

For many of us, meetings are a normal part of life. Since time is a limited resource, with no room to waste, consider the following best practices to make the most of your meetings.

Everything Is Going To Be Alright

I understand how you feel. Why should you make a plan, when plans just keep changing? I asked myself this same question as I firmed up my business plans for the year. Here I was planning, organizing, and worrying (just a little) about what was to come. I was listening to Alicia Keys and as she sang the line, “everything’s gonna be alright” I understood why we should keep planning.

Time Management Tip: Make a List

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the things you need to do, make a list. It’s a very simple and effective solution to keep you peaceful and productive. Follow three quick steps. 

Take the First Step

Let’s picture a staircase for a moment. Imagine you are standing at the bottom and 20 steps are laid out in front of you. How are you going to get to the top? 

From Gas Light to Guru

Past me was a train wreck. Not an obvious one, but more like organized chaos. She managed to get stuff done, but always in the most tornadic way possible. I will never forget one of the times I ran out of gas on the side of the road

Time Management Tip: Protect the Asset

This is one of my favorite concepts that is really at the core of what Origami Day does. I learned about this practice early in my journey for balance from my favorite book, Essentialism by Greg McKeown.

What Do You Want to Be?

Recently, while drafting a letter to my niece, I was hit with an existential wave that nearly broke my crayon. I suddenly realized how early we start defining ourselves by work and how my letter was part of the problem.

Bring Balance to 2021

It’s up to us to know our priorities, value our time, and take steps to be present in life while still being productive, especially when times are tough. So, how do we do that? 

Live Without Regret

My life did not flash before my eyes but, as I acknowledged my own mortality, I was overcome with a strong feeling of how disappointed I would be if this was the end.