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Strike Out Swinging

When I was growing up, I played many sports. Please don’t misunderstand this to mean I was an athlete, I was more of a participant. Either way, I learned a lot from playing sports. One of the best lessons has resurfaced a lot lately.

Don’t strike out watching, strike out swinging.

Back to the Struggle

I think we have all been struggling, and I know a thing or two about struggle. Before my surgery, I struggled a lot. Although I was often able to satisfy the minimum requisites to stay afloat in life, I often missed the quality of it all. Along with the rest of society, I shifted to a surface-level survivor with a knack for re-activeness. I was a duck on lake; gliding along the surface, but paddling for my life just beneath the water.

Time Management Tip: Eisenhower Urgency Matrix

Work-life balance starts with knowing what is important. Since time is a finite resource, there will always a trade-off and we must learn to prioritize. Additionally, when everything is important nothing is important. So, I encourage you to become familiar with a great tool called The Eisenhower Urgency Matrix.

The Space Between Learning and Doing

You see, that is where all the potential and opportunity live, and often die; in the space between what we learn and what we do with that knowledge.

Time Management Tip: Utilizing Peak Performance Time

Here is the thing about time…it’s finite. Although I have tried, I cannot find the way to make more hours in each day. Therefore, I have settled on becoming a master of maximizing my time. One of my favorite ways to do this is utilizing my Peak Performance Time.

Covid-19 is Your Surgery

The past few weeks have somehow felt familiar. I couldn’t place it at first, and then it hit me with such clarity; this virus is my surgery all over again. The abrupt halt of activities and re-shuffling of priorities is exactly what I experienced 6 years ago with a Ravitch procedure gone wrong.

Time Management Tip: Habit Stacking

Habit stacking is right for you if you’ve been wanting to develop a new time management or other positive habit, but just can’t seem to make it stick.