Individual Support

Samantha Lane Time Management Coach

Studies show that 40-95% of what we do each day is an established habit. This includes how we spend our time, whether that is good or bad. Individual time management consulting has proven to be the most effect way to help clients accomplish long-term, genuine work-life balance through habit reformation, education, and accountability. Origami Day offers the following options to help individuals:

  • One-time, face-to-face or virtual, sessions. Inquire about availability and pricing.
  • Ongoing accountability and support through our In The Fold program. 
  • Group events, workshops, and webinars. Join an event!

"Working with Origami Day for six months, I was able to lower my average work week to a focused 50 hours and take back control of my time. Samantha’s direction and coaching has helped me prioritize better, say “no” to the right things, filter out distractions, and better delegate items to my team. These changes have increased my effectiveness at work and given me much needed time away in my personal life as well."
- Brad Miller, CodeTank Labs | InfoTank | CodeStock, Owner/Developer

"Samantha's seminar and coaching sessions have given me valuable tools that have helped me prioritize and fine tune my work life so that I have more life balance."
- Nanci Solomon, Rala, Owner