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Time Management Tip: Email Best Practices

Email can be a monster! Here are a few tips to managing your inbox for balance. 

In Defense of Weekly Planning

One misconception about weekly planning is that only a select group of people need to do it. I have heard many people argue that they are either not busy enough or too busy to take time each week to plan. People in every walk of life can benefit from taking time once each week to ‘reset’ and move forward with intention.

The Act of Cognitive Reframing

In psychology, there is a method known as “cognitive reframing,” which assists people in changing the way they view negative scenarios and themselves. Reframing is often successful, as it takes a process our minds already do, and alters a few key points to better facilitate confidence and grace. 

Time Management Tip: Flowtime Technique

was recently sent an article on the Flowtime Technique. This technique is a lot like the Pomodoro technique with a few exceptions. A typical Pomodoro cycle consists of four, twenty-five minute work segments broken up by five minute breaks, and then one longer break. On the other hand, the Flowtime technique is much looser. Instead of set times, you work until you reach a natural stopping point, and then take a break based on how long you worked. 

Too Busy for a Break?

Raise your hand if you have been told that you need to take a break and your immediate thought was “I don’t have time for a break!” I have been there and I am here to tell you that there are ways to recharge, even when you have a million things to do. Let’s break it down into three simple strategies; reframing, peaceful productivity, and sharing the burden.

Setting Boundaries in the Workplace

Setting boundaries in your workplace is one of the most important steps you, as an employee or employer, can take in retaining satisfaction and performance.

Time Management Tip: Pomodoro Technique

Created by Francesco Cirillo in 1980, Pomodoro cycles are proven to help maximize work sessions and reduce procrastination through the use of frequent breaks. 

Thoughts on School-Life Balance

With college starting back up, many are already feeling the pressure of assignments, bills, and other commitments piling up. Stress begins to set in, and our thoughts are consumed with “what do I need to do next?” and “what am I forgetting?”  Most likely, the idea of achieving work-life balance is in the back of every student’s mind, a far off, unattainable dream.  

So how do we reach this dream?

Small Steps to Living Big

July 2nd at noon marked the halfway point of the year. Yes, we are already in the back-half 2021, moving quickly towards to end of another year. Don’t wait until the end of the year to start making it matter. Start now. Start taking small steps to help you feel proud of your life now.

Time Management Tip: 3 Technology Tips

With all the downfalls of technology, there are ways to use it to our advantage. The positive intentions of our devices can be realized if we are willing to take control over our tools versus letting them control us. Consider the following three tips to help you utilize your tech for a life of better balance.

Time Management Tip: Meeting Best Practices

For many of us, meetings are a normal part of life. Since time is a limited resource, with no room to waste, consider the following best practices to make the most of your meetings.

Time Management Tip: Make a List

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the things you need to do, make a list. It’s a very simple and effective solution to keep you peaceful and productive. Follow three quick steps.