Origami Day Shape Your Time

Hybrid Work At a Glance

If you are looking for a silver lining to the pandemic, one is the positive impact it has had on remote work. Before the “largest remote work experiment in history” many employers were skeptical of their teams working from home. 2020 gave many employers no choice but to have their employees works remotely.

Everything Is Going To Be Alright

I understand how you feel. Why should you make a plan, when plans just keep changing? I asked myself this same question as I firmed up my business plans for the year. Here I was planning, organizing, and worrying (just a little) about what was to come. I was listening to Alicia Keys and as she sang the line, “everything’s gonna be alright” I understood why we should keep planning.

Back to the Struggle

I think we have all been struggling, and I know a thing or two about struggle. Before my surgery, I struggled a lot. Although I was often able to satisfy the minimum requisites to stay afloat in life, I often missed the quality of it all. Along with the rest of society, I shifted to a surface-level survivor with a knack for re-activeness. I was a duck on lake; gliding along the surface, but paddling for my life just beneath the water.

The Space Between Learning and Doing

You see, that is where all the potential and opportunity live, and often die; in the space between what we learn and what we do with that knowledge.

Covid-19 is Your Surgery

The past few weeks have somehow felt familiar. I couldn’t place it at first, and then it hit me with such clarity; this virus is my surgery all over again. The abrupt halt of activities and re-shuffling of priorities is exactly what I experienced 6 years ago with a Ravitch procedure gone wrong.